Give A Closing Gift That Will Thank and Impress Your Client!

Gift Ideas for Realtors

Are you looking for a special way to thank your clients for their business? A closing gift from realtor that is sure to impress are realtor gift baskets! Not only can they show your clients that you appreciate their trust and business, but the right unique gift basket can keep a client remembering you for years to come!  The more a client remembers you as a realtor, the more referrals you will receive!

What makes a great gift basket at closing?

Unique realtor gift baskets are perfect for showing your clients that you appreciate their business and will always be there to help them.  It also is likely the first housewarming gift they will receive and that alone makes it more special. 

You can find a realtor gift basket online and at many different stores however they are unlikely to make you stand out.  By choosing a locally made, unique gift basket from Saratoga Maple, your clients will think of you every time they cook or use one of the many good products that are included.

Saratoga Maple gift baskets come in many sizes and assortments and are available at different price points.  A good rule of thumb is that you want to spend enough money to show your client you appreciate them at closing, but not too much that it is over the top and they feel awkward.

Choose realtor closing gifts that enable the homebuyer to cook or be involved with it.  This creates conversation when they prepare, eat and share the food.  You will always be top of mind when this happens.  There is nothing like getting a closing gift from realtor, having family and friends over and then getting a referral a few days later.

 The best time to give a realtor gift basket is right after your client closes on their new home. This will show them that you are dedicated to their success and that you care about their well-being as well as grateful for the help and service you provided.

Closing gifts are an important part of a real estate transaction and ensure that you will get real estate referrals from your clients.

Suggested Realtor Gifts from Saratoga Maple:

Maple Lovers Gift Basket - This gift basket contains everything your new homeowner would love in a closing gift from realtor.  The whole family can make breakfast with gourmet pancake mix, maple candy, maple syrup, maple jelly and maple walnut topping for ice cream.  When the family sits down around the table for breakfast in their new home, this will the the realtor gift that everyone is talking about.  That can only lead to recommendations!

Coffee Lovers Maple Gift Basket - Think pancakes and breakfast aren't your client's style?  Never fear, everyone loves maple coffee in the morning!  Saratoga Maple has closing gifts for people who love coffee.  Fresh roasted maple coffee, maple sugar coffee drops, maple jelly, and fresh maple syrup make up an unforgettable gift basket for closings.  It's not every day that your clients will savor the sweetness of local maple syrup and they will remember you for it.

Bourbon Maple Gift Basket - When it comes to giving a gift, nothing is more special than a unique realtor gift like the Bourbon Maple Gift Basket from Saratoga Maple.   This gift basket is overflowing with delicious treats that your clients will love.  They'll get barrel aged bourbon maple syrup, bourbon maple cream, pancake mix and more.  This one is sure to get oohs and ahs!

Why Saratoga Maple Gift Baskets are good closing gifts from realtor

Saratoga Maple Gift Baskets are perfect closing gifts for real estate professionals. They are unique, and make a great impression on the clients. Not only that, but they also give the realtor a chance to show their appreciation for the client and help to generate referrals in the weeks and months after the closing.