Maple Leaf Lollipop from Saratoga Maple
Maple Lollipops from Saratoga Maple
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Maple Lollipop

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Maple Hard Candy Lollipops

Maple Lollipops are made with pure maple syrup, glucose, and sucrose.  Each sucker is individually wrapped and bursting with real maple flavor.  Many maple pops are just maple flavored--not these!  The number one ingredient is 100% pure maple syrup that is molded into the shape of a maple leaf.  

Maple Leaf Lollipop

Are you looking for a unique gift or treat for an upcoming party or visit to the grandkids? Did you just quit smoking and need something to help keep your hands and mouth occupied?  What about a simple item to send to someone far away who loves maple?  Look no further than these maple leaf lollipops!  Each maple pop is hand poured into a mold and the stick added.  Once it firms up, these translucent maple leaves are formed and ready to be enjoyed.  It's like maple-on-a-stick!

If you prefer having smaller drops to carry around, check out our maple hard candy drops!

Real Maple Syrup Lollipop Suckers

These real maple syrup suckers are a sweet, delicious treat that are a great way to enjoy the rich and sweet flavor of maple syrup in a different way.  The uses for these maple lollipops are endless.  Try using them along side a specialty maple bourbon cocktail as a garnish, use them as an inexpensive maple wedding favors that can be customized, try them as a place holder at each table setting, or in an edible bouquet.  You could also consider adding them to a table centerpiece or candy buffet!  Bulk discounts offered, just contact us at Saratoga Maple

.7oz Maple Pop is approximately 2" x 2" of candy with a 3-1/4" white stick

Not recommended for children under 4 years old

Ingredients: Pure Maple Syrup, glucose, sucrose