About Us

Bruce Carpenter always had the dream of producing real Adirondack maple syrup on 50 acres we own in the heart of the Adirondack Park.

Saratoga Maple is a family affair grown out of Bruce's bucket list dream.  In 2010 we began making maple syrup in a hobby evaporator on our land outside of Minerva NY.  The first year we only made a few gallons of real maple syrup and our sugar house wasn't much more than some 2x4s, metal roofing and tarps.  It worked and we had fun.  We did it this way for a few years, adding more buckets, more taplines, and tanks to gather more sap than we could actually handle in our maple evaporator. We never seemed to have enough to sell to meet demand.

In 2015, we purchased new equipment, built a large sugarhouse and started larger scale production. We've learned the hard way and had a lot of help along the way from friends and neighbors, and we have added products like maple butter, maple candy, maple gift baskets and more along the way. 

When the pandemic hit in 2020, we had a lot of syrup and no good way to sell it. We used the opportunity to trademark the Saratoga Maple brand and build an online maple store and really, the rest is history.  We have added bourbon maple syrup, maple hard candies, gourmet pancake mix and more and work every day to just be a little better.  We hope you will see that in our products, because they are a labor of love!

How and Where to Buy Maple Syrup from us:

While our sugarbush isn't open to the public, we do allow people to order maple syrup online for shipping, local delivery or pickup. We offer free order pickup at our home in Saratoga Springs with most orders ready in a few hours or less.  If we are home you may find that the order is ready immediately.

You can also buy maple syrup around the holidays at our Christmas tree farm, River Bend Christmas Tree Farm in Lake Luzerne NY and we are available at the Taste NY vending area at the Adirondack Welcome Center off of I-87 in Queensbury NY. For a full list of stores who sell our products, please visit our where to buy maple syrup near me page.

Photos of our Genuine Adirondack Sugarbush:

Maple Syrup for sale from our maple farm Sugarbush in the Adirondack Mountains of NY

 ^ Nearly completed Sugar House April 2015


Making Real Maple Syrup at Saratoga Maple

^ Bruce's First Draw of Syrup from Our New Boiler and Sugar House, April 2015


Best Maple Syrup in Glass Bottles from Saratoga Maple

^ Bottled Fresh Maple Syrup cooling and getting ready for labels.

 Jim tapping maple trees to produce real maple syrup.

^ Jim tapping a hard maple tree to get ready for the New York Maple Syrup Season