Minerva Maple Syrup - Saratoga Maple's Heritage

Saratoga Maple was born from a dream about selling our maple products online.  Our family has been making maple syrup in Minerva, NY in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains for over a decade.  We have slowly expanded and upgraded our capacity and range of products through the years with most being sold through friends, family and our Christmas tree farm near Saratoga Springs, River Bend Christmas Tree Farm.  

Minerva Maple Syrup Logo Maple Products

During 2020 and the ensuing pandemic, we were left with a large amount of syrup and products that were seemingly not moving.  We were also trapped at home for an eternity, so we were able to actually get Saratoga Maple up and running with a logo, bottles, and packaging that was optimized to ship.  In doing so, we created not only a little bit of confusion, but some friendly family competition.   

Bruce, the founder of our maple syrup business, Christmas tree farm, and instiller  of work ethic has always wanted to come up with branding that includes his name for the business "Minerva Maple" with his name for the tree farm, "River Bend Christmas Tree Farm."  This effort has eluded him for years and frankly, exhausted us in trying to come up with a logo.

At the same time Jim, today's owner, producer and business generalist, lives in Saratoga and always wanted to launch the Saratoga Maple brand rather than trying to overcomplicate things with mixing two other things.  Being internet savvy, Jim did just that and Saratoga Maple was born.

The economics of selling online are very different than a simple cash business where people pick up syrup from you.  Maple syrup is heavy, shipping is expensive and products can be packed in glass.  It's been a fun road, but we're learning every day.

If somehow you end up with a product that says "Minerva Maple" on it, it IS Saratoga Maple and it just got past us--our apologies.  We know a few have gotten out the door that way.  But no matter what you end up with, know that it comes from us, is made with care, and will taste great!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if we can answer any questions on our Contact Us page.

Thank you!

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Making Maple Syrup for Saratoga Maple and Minerva Maple