Affordable Gifts for Friends in Europe That Won't Break the Bank or Luggage

American Gifts for European Hosts

It's always a challenge to pack for a trip to Europe without having to worry about what you might bring to your friends or host.  You want the gift to be truly unique and "American" but it can't fill your suitcase, weigh too much, or be readily available when you get there.  Unfortunately, in today's globalized world, there aren't a lot of great options.  However, there is one sweet way to bring smiles across the globe, Grade A Maple Syrup.

Easy European Gift Ideas You Didn't Know Existed

When it's time to pack those bags and cross the pond, look no further than Saratoga Maple to have you covered with gifts for hosts that will have them smiling for weeks!  

Most Europeans have easy access to maple syrup if they really want it, but it tends to be expensive.  It's a unique flavor that isn't available from Europe's trees.  Sure, they have maples, but they don't have the sugar content of the North American sugar maple's sap and the unique climate that makes syrup production possible.

Because of this, many of the unique maple products that we take for granted are rarely seen or tasted in countries like France, Germany, Great Britain, and Italy.  You'll be sure to be the hero if you show up with some of America's favorite maple items.

Maple Spreads Make a Great Hostess Gift

Any of the maple spreads that we eat here are not commonplace in Europe.  Because many cultures enjoy a sweet breakfast, spreadable maple makes a gift that won't make it 24 hours without being used.  Consider maple jelly as a delicate gift that will last countless days and is compact for travel.  Or maybe maple cream makes a great gift that can be put on an apple, sandwich, or fresh croissant. 

Want to combine two unique American flavors?   Bourbon Maple Cream makes a sweet and savory spread that anyone you bring it to will appreciate.  Bourbon is also uniquely made in the US and Europeans really enjoy the taste.  Maple cream jars are compact and easily fit inside a suitcase for easy transport.  Be sure to put it in a ziplock bag, just in case.

Maple Candies as Travel Gifts

There's no better way to bring a piece of the US to Europe than with maple candies. These sweet treats not only capture the essence of the destinations known for producing them but also offer a unique and delicious gift to share with friends and family. The rich, velvety texture and distinct maple flavor are sure to delight the taste buds of anyone lucky enough to receive them.

Unlike typical gifts that often end up collecting dust on a shelf, maple candies provide a truly memorable and consumable token of your appreciation. When you're looking for something small to tuck into your suitcase, these delectable treats offer a taste of maple tradition in every bite. Plus, their compact size makes them perfect for indulging in as a sweet treat during your trip.  

Maple candy comes in a few different varieties.  Soft maple candy is pure maple sugar pressed into leaf form and then left to harden.  Hard maple candies are clear and dense pieces of hardened syrup.  Maple lollipops are in the shape of a maple leaf and make for a great presentation.  No matter which you choose, they all pack easily and travel well without weighing you down.

How to Travel with Pure Maple Syrup 

When traveling with this liquid gold, it's essential to pack it securely in leak-proof containers to prevent any sticky mishaps during transit. Consider the size of the bottles of maple syrup you are bringing.  Syrup is heavy, so consider bottle size to ensure easy portability and avoid adding unnecessary weight to your luggage.

When planning your itinerary, make sure to research the rules and regulations regarding carrying liquids on airplanes or crossing borders with food items. It may be helpful to check if the country you are visiting has any restrictions on bringing in food products such as pure maple syrup. Generally, maple syrup is considered a liquid and can only travel in your checked baggage. It is also considered to be shelf stable, so most countries have no problem with you bringing it in.  

Consider taking syrup in a plastic bottle to prevent breakage.  A pint of maple syrup makes a great quantity because it's weight and volume doesn't fill your bag or put you off the scale.

Print Some Maple Syrup Recipes for Best Uses

It's great to bring syrup, but it won't be any good as a gift if it doesn't get used.  Before you head out on your trip, be sure to slip a few good recipes into your suitcase to give to your friends.

Whether it be how to indulge in maple syrup coffee or to roast some delicious maple brussels sprouts, these recipes from Saratoga Maple elevate the flavors of the ingredients and bring smiles from everyone who tastes them.  

This recipe for Brussel Sprouts in Maple Syrup is sure to delight no matter where you are located! It's easy and delicious.  We suggest bourbon maple syrup as the roasting type for even richer flavors.

If they are a morning person and need a good pick me up with their espresso or cappuccino, have them check out delicious ideas for maple syrup coffee or bring our ready made maple coffee ground in a bag.

Finally, a bourbon maple syrup cocktail recipe is sure to hit the spot and impress everyone you come into contact with!  Europeans love American bourbon and this classic old-fashioned modified into a maple cocktail is sure to delight.

Be Sure to Enjoy the Indulgent Gourmet Gifts together

One of the best parts of taking great gifts to friends in Europe is sharing them together.  Nothing connects people like shared experiences and food.  Maple Syrup and maple treats are a great way to connect with others and smile!