Bourbon Maple Syrup from Saratoga Maple Glass Bottle 12oz

Bourbon Maple Syrup - Barrel Aged - 12oz Glass Bottle

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Bourbon Maple Syrup is one of the most delicious ways to enjoy Pure Maple Syrup.  We take rich Saratoga Maple Syrup and then barrel age it in a bourbon barrel for months.  The maple syrup absorbs the flavors of the charred bourbon barrel and bourbon that was previously stored inside.  Patience pays off as the bourbon maple slowly trickles out of our bottle onto your favorite food.  

Saratoga Maple's bourbon barrel maple syrup is a great addition to almost any breakfast food.  Use it on pancakes, waffles, fresh fruit, in yogurt or oatmeal.  Pour bourbon barrel aged maple syrup on cured meats like bacon or ham to glaze them and add a unique flavor.  One of our old standbys is to put our bourbon syrup on a burger as a glaze with crushed red pepper.  

Because of the nature of the product, it may contain trace amounts of alcohol.

We also take the bourbon syrup and whip it into our Bourbon Maple Cream Spread.  

Our entire selection of Bourbon Maple Syrup products make great gifts for any bourbon lover!

12 Ounce Glass Bottle